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LeRoy Neiman Art Center

Space Usage Request



The primary purpose of the Arts Horizons LeRoy Neiman Art Center is to strengthen the fabric of the community through the arts and to foster the development of the whole person through quality arts programs in schools and communities. This mission is reached through three programmatic goals: to provide quality arts experiences; to support the skills that encourage life-long learning; and to build sustainable partnerships and collaborations.  

In keeping with its mission statement, the Neiman Center provides space, materials and guidance for students of all ages to express themselves creatively.  As part of our outreach efforts to strengthen community and to build sustainable partnerships and collaborations, The Center may be used for meetings, workshops and special events by other community-based organizations providing that usage of the facility does not interrupt our program offerings and/or distract from The Center visitor’s experience. 

To ensure that your event functions smoothly at The LeRoy Neiman Art Center, please review the following policies and procedures.


Requests to reserve space for a meeting, workshop or special events may be accepted up to one year in advance of the event date.  A potential requested date will be held for up to 15 business dates, by the end of which time, The Center requires a signed letter of agreement. If the letter of agreement is not received within 15 days, the date will be released.


A fifty (50%) percent deposit credited towards the suggested donation is required with the signed agreement to secure a date or dates.  This deposit is 100% refundable if your event is cancelled. Donations can be made by check, money order or credit card.


If the need to cancel your event should arise, The Center requests immediate written notification of cancellation.


All events require at least one Arts Horizons LeRoy Neiman Art Center staff on site.  The client is responsible to supply its own staffing of events.


Depending on the nature of the event, the start time and end times normally include two to three hours for set up and the same for break down.


The Center has furniture and equipment for use for your event.  Such include 6 large tables (6’ x 2 ½”), 6 small tables (2’x4’), 40 chairs and audio-visual equipment.  There are also 3 iMac computers equipped with Wi-Fi.  The Center cannot be responsible for equipment malfunction, damage or non-availability on the day of event.  We recommend that you bring in your own audio/visual equipment.  The Center assumes no responsibility for equipment supplied by the user or third party.


All clients and caterers are required to provide a certificate of liability and property damage insurance in the amount of $1,000,000, naming the Center as an additional insured for the term of the event including set-up, event and breakdown time at no cost to the Center or State without exception.  Client must provide evidence of insurance coverage at least 14 calendar days before your event date.


By signing the Letter of Agreement, the User agree to pay the cost of repair, renovation, replacement of any damage done by you, personnel, subcontractors, vendors, agents or invitees, the facility and any of its equipment or exhibits or contents.  The User assumes full responsibility for theft, loss or damage to any property and equipment brought to the Center by client, their subcontractors, vendors, agents or invitees.  The User signing the letter of agreement must be present for the entire event and will accept full financial responsibility for damage and /or missing property of The Center.


The Center is a smoke free facility.  No smoking is permitted in the building.


Users are responsible for bringing jack stands and trays to be placed outside of exhibit galleries.  Propane stoves, ovens and charcoal grills cannot be used inside the Center. Sternos are allowed inside the Center for warming food only.  Users must bring their own trash bags and remove all trash at the end of the event.  Users must provide water, ice and tablecloths.  The User is responsible for any piece of equipment that is broken or damage during their use.


Any guest management function at an event, e.g. nametags, entry restrictions, early entry, registration etc. is solely the responsibility of the client and not the responsibility of the LeRoy Neiman Art Center. 

Space and Equipment Use Agreement

Please email the following information to:

Marline A. Martin, Executive Director

Phone:                            212/862-2787, ext. 211

Email:                              marline@neimancenter.org

Space Usage Dates:                               


Name of Organization:                                      


Name of User’s Representative:




Business Telephone Number:                                     


Business Fax Number:


Equipment to be used:                                       




Donation & Method of Payment: 

(A donation is required to help defray the cost of utilities and the maintenance of the space and equipment)