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LeRoy Neiman Art Center

Exhibition Guidelines





Through a generous grant from the renowned artist, LeRoy Neiman, and with ongoing support from the LeRoy Neiman Foundation, Arts Horizons established the LeRoy Art Center to continue the long and established history of cultural enrichment in Harlem.  The Center opened its doors in June 2008 and has since grown into an integral cultural resource.  In 2013, The Center received its own 501(c) 3 status and is funded in part by grants awarded from corporations and foundations and contributions from individuals.


The LeRoy Neiman Art Center is dedicated to strengthening the community through the arts by providing quality arts experiences; supporting life-long learning; and building sustainable partnerships and collaborations. The Center includes a 2000 square foot gallery space and rear workshop area, where quality arts experiences in daytime, after-­school and Saturday programs for all ages are offered. Several themed exhibitions are held in the gallery per year, which include the works of professional, emerging, and community artists. In addition, The Center is proud to host a 29’ wall dedicated exclusively to the art of LeRoy Neiman.

The Center reviews and evaluates proposals from curators, artists and groups of artists that is reflective of current multi-cultural and diverse art and art-making strategies.  Special consideration is given to proposals that promote community engagement; demonstrate an awareness of the contemporary and/historical art movements; and challenge an audience's perception.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for an exhibition, please include the following:

1.     A Cover Letter stating the Title and Intent of the exhibition i.e., the type of show (medium general descriptions and dimensions) and a preferable and alternate month to show;

2.     A maximum of ten (10) images or other appropriate visual media, which are representative of your proposed exhibition.  Please provide a type image list;

3.     A list of references we can contact about your work if we need clarification (optional); and

4.     A Copy of Resume and/or related information on artists in the proposed exhibition.

We encourage a variety of exhibitions types.  All media will be considered.  If you wish, you may complement your show with a lecture and/or multimedia presentation. However, solo exhibitions and/or one-person shows are rarely considered. 

The LeRoy Neiman Art Center Exhibition Committee will make final decision regarding scheduling and will bear the responsibility for exhibition design and presentation. 

The Center will be responsible for the following:

1.     A gallery space and staffing during the exhibition;

2.     Design and distribution of press release, public service announcements, and assistance with other promotional material;

3.     Assisting with Opening Reception;

4.     Wall to wall fine arts insurance for each exhibition; and

5.     Management of all gallery sales and collections of appropriate funds.  LNAC retains a 25% sales commission during the exhibition

Curators and Exhibiting artists are responsible for the following, if proposal is accepted:

Sign and return the Exhibition/Artist Agreement immediately after receipt to confirm exhibition

1.     Provide LNAC with a current bio/resume, artist’s statement, professional images, and other relevant materials necessary to promote the exhibition

2.     Prompt and timely delivery of artworks by delivery date indicated

3.     All shipping costs both to and from the Gallery for the artwork

4.     Curators and other exhibitors may choose to design and print announcements at their own costs. 
         Prior to production, all announcements must be approved by The LeRoy Neiman Art Center. 

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting your work with us and look forward to reviewing your proposal.

Please contact:             Marline A. Martin, Executive Director-Curator 

Phone:                            212-862-2787, ext. 211

Email:                              marline@neimancenter.org